Meet Your Care Team


Rachel Adams, Patient Service Representative

Rachel is a wonderful Patient Service Representative. Her sweet, bubbly personality makes her a perfect fit for this important position. She enjoys working with her Leavitt Family Medicine family and loves helping our amazing patients with scheduling appointments and all of their health care needs. Rachel’s professional experience is in medical administration and the recording arts. She is well known for her high level of integrity and her desire to provide the best patient experience possible. Outside of the clinic, Rachel has a passion for music and sound for animated movies. Important facts about Rachel: She has been voted the team member who most needs a six month vacation twice a year and she is starting up our clinic swim team, although she hasn’t had time to ask any of us if we can swim–spoiler alert—we can’t.


Carla Colon, Certified Medical Assistant

Carla is an outstanding Certified Medical Assistant. She has years of experience in primary care and specialty care and does a wonderful job taking care of our patients. Carla’s sweet, caring personality in addition to her extensive medical experience make her a fantastic Medical Assistant. She is bilingual, fluent in Spanish and English, and has a strong commitment to excellence in nursing.  Carla enjoys working with the wonderful patients in our clinic and being a part of the Leavitt Family Medicine family. Outside of work, you will find her playing with her beloved dog Benny, spending time at the lake and eating. Carla’s smile can light up the clinic—even behind her mask. Must-know facts about Carla: she leads the clinic’s hourly line dance class and is a part-time Ninja.



Susie Degelau, Medical Billing Specialist

Susie is our Billing Specialist and brings over a decade of medical billing experience to the team. She is well versed in working with insurance companies and loves helping our patients navigate through the complex waters of health insurance. Susie’s friendly personality, helpful spirit and super sharp medical billing knowledge make her a wonderful Billing Specialist for our clinic. We are not sure how Susie manages to get everything done, but are thankful she does it so well! She recently moved to Sumner County from Northern Illinois and already loves it here. Susie lives in Gallatin with her husband and is looking forward to exploring all of the fun things Tennessee has to offer. When she’s not in the clinic, she enjoys crafts, baking and loves to spend time with her family and pets. Susie has family who recently relocated to the Orlando area and—a little-known fact even Susie doesn’t know—is our entire team is planning a trip to Disney World and we are not at all sure they will be ok with us camping out with them.



Caylin Evans, Certified Medical Assistant

Caylin is a wonderful Certified Medical Assistant. Along with being experienced in primary care and family medicine, she has a pharmacy background which is exceptionally helpful when performing prior authorizations for medications. Caylin has a great ability for excellent patient care and is adept at helping our patients get everything they need, including imaging, testing, laboratory services and specialty care. Outside of the clinic, you will find her doing a lot of wedding planning and she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Fun facts about Caylin: She loves to laugh and if you are here for our clinic’s Hocus Pocus day in October, you will see Winifred Sanderson wearing her scrubs.



Jordan Graves, Patient Service Representative

Jordan is an outstanding Patient Service Representative for our clinic. Her outgoing, friendly personality and bright smile make her the perfect fit for this important clinic role. She also possesses the highest level of integrity and has an amazing work ethic. Along with many other administrative responsibilities, Jordan processes all of our clinic referrals. She enjoys assisting patients in getting the care they need and loves doing her part in helping them feel better again. Originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, Jordan now makes Hendersonville her home and she loves it here. She says working at the clinic is always a great time and she learns something new every day. When she is not at the clinic, Jordan enjoys hiking and spending time with her family and friends. Important Fact about Jordan: she gets more work done than anyone we have ever seen, so we are almost 100% sure she is a superhero. Sometimes she even wears the cape.



Heather Lago, Certified Medical Assistant

Heather is an excellent Certified Medical Assistant. She brings over two decades of medical experience to the clinic and loves working with our wonderful patients. In addition to her medical expertise, Heather is known for her fun, vivacious, caring personality and she is so good at making all of us feel very loved on our birthdays and other special days. Heather’s magnificent work ethic combined with her commitment to excellence makes her a wonderful choice for her clinical role. Originally from California, Heather now lives in Sumner County with her husband and their two fur babies, Loki and Zoey. She enjoys exploring all that Tennessee has to offer and outside of the clinic, you will most likely find Heather on a motorcycle or hiking. She also loves to travel and recently returned from Cabo San Lucas with the most beautiful pictures. Important facts about Heather: Her life skills include camel riding and break dancing, but not at the same time. Although she has not been informed of this yet, Heather has been chosen as clinic choreographer and we hope to recreate Michael Jackson’s Thriller video this year.



Bob Sparks, Operations Specialist

Bob brings a half-century of clinical and operations medical experience to the clinic. He started his career as a paramedic and firefighter, then continued on in the nursing field. He spent years honing his clinical skills in the areas of primary care, family medicine, internal medicine, emergency medicine, surgical intensive care, nephrology and vaccine safety and research. Before joining Leavitt Family Medicine, Bob led the health care and prevention initiatives for a major insurance company, leading a clinical quality team in charge of all performance measures for all leading medical doctors in Middle Tennessee. Bob truly enjoys working in health care and feels it is a blessing to be able to give back to the world in which he has been so blessed. Bob is an avid Formula 1 (F1) racing fan and he most often can be found spending time with his grandkids, woodworking, hunting and fishing. We always admire Bob for his unmatched experience in medical clinic operations, but it’s his encyclopedic knowledge of disco music and tales of his days as a pirate that really impress us. Bob is also well-known for the time he spent on Broadway as the lead in Jersey Boys.



Ashley Steinberger, Certified Medical Assistant

Ashley is a highly tenured team member and is known for her awesome nursing skills, love of gummy bears and her infectious laugh that can be heard throughout the clinic. She has extensive experience in allergy, family medicine and otolaryngology. Ashley has moved to PRN while she is in nursing school full-time and we not so secretly hope she will rejoin us as an amazing Family Nurse Practitioner soon. Ashley lives with her husband, sons and beloved dogs and when she is not in the clinic or in school, you can find her training for the next triathlon or spending time with friends and family. Important facts about Ashley: her clinic nickname is Wonder Woman, her love for Little Bundt Cakes is awe-inspiring and she is always the loudest ‘Yee Haw!’ at Texas Roadhouse.



Brooke Stephens, Lab Technician/Phlebotomist

Brooke is a fantastic phlebotomist and lab technician. She has a heart of gold and top-notch phlebotomy skills. Patients who have lab work done in the clinic appreciate her warm and gracious demeanor and the fact that she always goes the extra mile in taking care of them. Brooke and her husband love Sumner County and are proud to call Portland home. They recently adopted their sweet fur baby, who is completely adored. When not at work, you will find them zipping through the backroads on their motorcycle, setting up camp at their favorite campgrounds or relaxing with family on the beach or in the mountains. Brooke is the team member most likely to lead karaoke during lunch and has started a gofundme account to buy the clinic a tour bus so we can take our singing skills on the road.



Jordan Turner, Certified Medical Assistant

Jordan is an excellent Medical Assistant and brings experience in family medicine, urgent care and primary care to the clinic. She is known for her excellent patient care and sweet, friendly personality. She is always ready to learn new medical skills, which she picks up lightning-fast, so there is a possibility she may be a robot. Outside the clinic, if they are not spending time with family and friends, you will find Jordan and her husband zipping around on their Polaris RZR, relaxing at Dale Hollow Lake, or playing with their energetic (wild) dogs Riley and Sadie. Public Service Announcement: If country singer Morgan Wallen is ever kidnapped, we would strongly advise law enforcement to start their investigation with Jordan first.



Deanna Wauford, Operations Manager

In every clinic, there is someone known as the go-to person. In our clinic, that person is Deanna. She is a very experienced and highly skilled clinic manager. Deanna has over two decades of medical experience and specializes in family medicine, primary care, and otolaryngology (ENT). Deanna is known for her ability to make things happen. She states what she loves best about her career is taking care of patients and team members and the relationships she has built with them over the years. Whatever you need, she is happy to help. If you smell smoke, she will be right there with the extinguisher and a few firefighters to boot. Deanna is one of those special people that when you meet her, you have made a friend for life. We are not sure how she finds time to do it all, but the sleeping bag stashed under her desk may be a clue. Deanna lives in Sumner County with her husband Brad and they are proud to call Hendersonville home. If she is not in the clinic, Deanna is most likely rescuing dogs, playing with her own dogs, spending time with family and friends or crafting. An avid Alabama and Predators fan, she is known for practicing her ‘ROLL TIDE!’ cheers during lunch. Important Facts about Deanna: Her nickname is Sherlock and her next career move will be as campaign manager for Matthew McConaughey if he runs for governor of Texas.