Lab Testing and Diagnostics

Lab tests are an important part of your health care. Leavitt Family Medicine provides convenient in-clinic laboratory services with excellent patient care and customer service. When you have blood work ordered by your Leavitt Family Medicine provider, you can have your blood drawn onsite in the clinic. When you are a patient at Leavitt Family Medicine, all lab orders authorized by your outside medical specialists can be drawn in the clinic too. You can also drop off other specimens (e.g., urine, stool, etc.) at the clinic. Our outstanding phlebotomist and medical assistants collect and process blood samples and other specimens such as urine or stool needed for your lab tests.

Lab Testing and Diagnostic Services

Leavitt Family Medicine provides convenient in-clinic lab testing and diagnostic services. We provide comprehensive phlebotomy and lab services. All lab tests can be ordered from the clinic, the most common of which are:

  • Allergy blood tests
  • Autoimmune blood tests
  • Biometric screening and consultation
  • Blood glucose
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood tests
  • Bone density screening orders
  • Cardiac tests
  • Cholesterol screening
  • COVID-19 testing – rapid and antibody tests
  • CT scan orders
  • Ear wax removal
  • Electrocardiograms – EKG
  • Flu A and B test
  • Kidney tests
  • Lipid panel testing
  • Liver tests
  • Mammogram orders
  • Mononucleosis test
  • MRI scan orders
  • Nebulizer treatment
  • Phlebotomy
  • Pregnancy test – rapid and blood tests
  • Specimen processing
  • Spirometry – lung function testing
  • Strep test – rapid and blood tests
  • TB skin test – includes reading
  • Tobacco cessation program
  • Travel Healthcare
  • Ultrasounds – in clinic and orders
  • Urinalysis
  • Urine cultures
  • Vitamin D levels
  • Xray imaging orders

Why Choose Leavitt Family Medicine for Lab Testing and Diagnostics

Experienced staff

Leavitt Family Medicine phlebotomists and medical assistants are highly skilled in collecting blood from veins and finger sticks in patients of all ages. They are also very experienced in clinic diagnostic testing.

Convenient clinic location

Blood work can be done onsite in the clinic during your appointment or physical. When your provider has ordered blood tests, you can also walk in to our clinic to have your blood drawn without an appointment. We are located on campus at Hendersonville Medical Center if you would like to have services performed at the hospital lab as well.

Excellent service and rapid results

You can see lab results as soon as they are available on our secure online patient portal, Healow. With Healow, you can also access your medical records, schedule appointments, request prescription refills and contact your care team. Once your trusted Leavitt Family Medicine provider has evaluated your lab results, we will call you with the results and the provider’s assessment and evaluation.